I will be the first to admit that I  have never been the biggest fan of being part of gamification. I have never felt the need to get the most points or badges, always driving to be top of the leaderboard and show off. It is a buzz word that is used by many people that don’t truly understand the meaning or the value, but go along with it as it is the ‘Next big thing’ or ‘Something everybody is doing.’

So why would I recommend Trailhead?

From a management perspective, I have always seen value in incentivizing a team using games and have on many occasions found it has been an excellent method to motivate people. I have used it in many roles and have found the power of getting people to show the correct behaviors or complete tasks they normally would not do, without financially rewarding them but turning it into a game too with stickers or badges. But these are all methods that have worked for me from a management perspective, have not done so as an end user.

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As you can imagine, at first a was a little skeptical when approaching trailhead, with lots of boasting about badges and races to the top. But I love trying new things, could see the potential value and wanted to give it a shot.  At the time of writing this, I can officially say I am hooked. For me, it’s not about racing to the top and showing off my badges (Although I do this). It is about learning new skills, testing current skills and looking into areas of Salesforce that I would not get to use in my day job. I set myself targets of badges I want to obtain and a timeline to do it within. The most important thing is, I get to work at my own pace, focus on the skills I want to and use the badges as evidence of my knowledge.

Why I think everybody should use Trailhead

Firstly, it is so simple to use, there is a mixture of quizzes and practical hands on challenges, and you can do it from any device.The language used is casual, not full or jargon and adds a bit of fun, with jokes mixed in. Not like the old days of receiving a 200-page document on how to use a system. You can pick your focus, do you want to know more about Visualforce or how permission sets work you can find the modules that target what you want to learn.Astro Great Work

Finally, and my most favorite feature. You can read how to do something, be set a similar challenge, go off and complete it and then have you work tested to see if you did it correctly. This is really important because you can see if you have understood the information in front of you properly, and then use this correct knowledge in your real environment.

So if you have not done so already, get yourself over to trailhead.salesforce.com sign up and get going. You don’t even have to be a Salesforce customer or user; you can log in with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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