If you have been part of the Salesforce ecosystem for any length of time you will know that part of the Salesforce ohana there are multiple events throughout the year the biggest and most known being  Dreamforce the large annual conference in San Fransisco. There are also other events such as TrailheaDX, World Tours and Trailhead Live. These events are great in themselves but they all have one thing in common. They are run by Salesforce, and that means no matter how hard you try, there is always going to be an element of a sales pitch and lot of discussions around future features that you can’t get your hands on yet.

What are Community events?London Calling 2017

What you might not know, there are lots of other community events and over recent years there has been an explosion of these events around the globe. These events, where Salesforce may be a sponsor or be involved in some way are different for one big reason. Salesforce is not running them so do not the content, who delivers it or the way it is delivered. This gives these events a very different feel, they come from hands-on experience of Salesforce day in day out, there is no marketing spin on anything, they just tell the truth.

The discussions at these events are more relevant to what you will be doing, they are not lightning and Einstein only tasks, as in your day to day role, many customers are not using these features. They are on topics about features you might not know, best practices to follow in code or how to advance your career.

One of the great things about these events is that they are local, from across the U.S to the UK, France, Spain, India, Australia and each year the list keeps growing, some are one-day events others have multiple. You even have events that have a twist to them such a Surf Force where over the course of 2 days you learn all things Salesforce, get to do/learn some surfing and also help the environment by doing a beach cleanup, so everybody is a winner.

Why do I attend these community events

I found out about community events back in 2015 when at my local user group they announced Londons Calling the first community event in the UK and the largest in Europe. If you have ever been to a user group (And if you have not I highly recommend that you do) you may be wondering why would to attend a community event? These events have a similar feel to a user group on steroids. They are run by the community, for the community, meaning they are tailored to things that would be relevant to you.

I have since attended Londons Calling in 2017 and already have my tickets for 2018. One of the things I love the most about the event is the people. It is run by passionate people within the community, who take their time to set up, organise and run these events for FREE! All for the benefit of the community. As my passion for these events has grown I am not looking to take the next step and start attending over events that I can get to.

2018 Community Events

The 2018 season of community events has already started, so I have compiled a list of events that I am aware of so you can look into them in more details, and support your community.


Event Name Website Date Location Twitter
Tahoe Dreamin’ tahoedreamin.com 19-20/01/18 NV, USA @TahoeDreamin18
Londons Calling londonscalling.net 16/02/18 London, UK @LDNsCall
Ski Force skiforce.co 01-04/03/18 Bansko, Bulgaria @SkiForceEvent
Snowforce snowforce.io 07/03/18-09/03/18 UT, USA @SnowforceUT
Punta Dreamin’ puntadreamin.com 09-10/03/18 Punta Del Este, Uruguay @puntadreamin
Southeast Dreamin’ southeastdreamin.com 15-16/03/18 GA, USA @SEDreamin
DreamOlé dreamole.es 27/04/18 Barcelona, Spain @dreamOle__c
Down Under Dreaming Melbourne downunderdreaming.com/melbourne 04/05/18 Melbourne, Australia
Force Academy forceacademyla.com  07/05/18 CA, USA
Texas Dreamin’ texasdreamin.org 11-12/05/18 TX, USA @Texas_Dreamin
Midwest Dreamin’ midwestdreamin.com 12-13/07/18 IL, USA @MidWest_Dreamin
Surf Force surfforce.co 13-14/07/18 Cornwall, UK @Surfforce
WITness Success witnesssuccess.com 27-28/07/18 CO, USA @WITnessSuccess
Forcelandia forcelandia.com 08-09/08/18 OR, USA @Forcelandia
Florida Dreamin’ fldreamin.com 08-09/11/18 FL, USA @dreamin_florida
French Touch Dreamin’ frenchtouchdreamin.com 14/11/18 Paris, France @FTDreamin
Northeast Dreamin’ northeastdreamin.com 16/11/18 NH, USA @NEDreamin
India Dreamin’ indiadreamin.in 01-02/12/18 Noida, India @sfindiadreamin
Down Under Dreaming Sydney downunderdreaming.com/Sydney Sydney, Australia @DreamingSYD
Down Under Dreaming Brisbane downunderdreaming.com/brisbane Brisbane, Australia @DreamingBNE

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