We have just hit December, meaning it is that time of year again. You may already be fed up with the same Christmas songs playing on a constant loop from every speaker in a public place, and the temperature has dropped, but as an Admin how can you utilise this time?

Generally, in most offices (All the ones I have worked in anyway), December is a slow season. There are lots of people using up their annual leave, leaving a skeleton crew behind, meaning a lot of things won’t get completed in a timely manner.

At this time of year, a lot of people like to take the time to clear out their desks or any cabinets for the annual tidy up. I use it as a time to have a digital clear out. Do you sometimes say to yourself, “I wish a had time to do…” or “I will come back to that at a later stage”? Well now is a perfect time, your workload decreases, the pressure is off for a bit and the number of users in the system will be at it’s lowest.

The Admin Clear Out

Here are some of the tasks, I look into during the next 4 weeks that I would never normally get around to:

Salesforce Optimizer

  • Do you have any Validation Rules that are inactive, are no longer needed or could be re-written to tidy up your code?
  • Page layouts, are they all in use? Could some be merged? Do you have too many?
  • Profiles, has everybody been assigned to them correctly? Could they be merged or re-organised?
  • Permission sets, are they all valid? Are there any you are no longer using?
  • Reports, are there any hardcoded dates you should get rid of? Are there going to be new reports required for the new year? Do you have any that are not being used?

If you are not sure, a lot of these questions and more could be answered by running Salesforce Optimizer. This can be found in setup under Monitoring –> Optimizer. Salesforce Optimizer analyzes your implementation to determine ways that you can simplify customisations and drive adoption of features.

Prep for Lightning

Have you been good all year and don’t need a clear out? Why not take a dip into your lightning migration journey?

LEX ReportThe first thing you should do is run the Lightning Experience readiness check, this will produce a report that looks into things you are using/doing that are not compatible with lighting. This can include:

  • Javascript buttons – These are not supported and should be migrated 
  • Custom URL buttons and links (URL Hacks) – This is supported in some ways but this may vary between classic and lightning
  • Sidebar components – Find out how you are going to replace these, are you going to move them to a utility bar?
  • Have you activated my domain?
  • Do you need to convert documents to files?

Learning on Trailhead

Or why not take this time to do some additional learning? There are many reasons why you should jump into Trailhead before the end of the year:Trailhead logo

  • Set up a once of the new Vanity URL’s, get your name out there!
  • Merge your Trailhead accounts without having to log a ticket
  • Earn the new Cloudy Trailblazer badge with the Salesforce Admins Trailmix
  • Win prizes with #SeizetheTrail! Complete any Trailhead badge before the new year to be in with a chance of winning

Above all, enjoy the season. take a break and spend time with your family and have fun.

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