It might feel that Spring has only just sprung, however, in the word of Salesforce Summer is about to hit. The Salesforce Summer’19 release is just around the corner, and if you have a pre-release org you can already have a sneak peek.

So it is time to grab your metal detector and comb the Salesforce beach to see what treasures you can find.

This is a list of some treats that I have found that will be available soon.

Report Upgrades

Reports have been getting a makeover in the past few releases and there are now a few more things that people have been asking for for years.

Search reports

Report Search

You now have the ability to search within the table directly from the report run page. Gone are the days using your browser’s search functionality. This would be great to use in console mode as you could build advanced reports that could replace some basic list views.

Row-level formulasReport Formula

Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to build a formula field just so it can be displayed on a report? Not anymore, this new feature lets you create formulas at a row level, meaning you can create those one-off formulas once in the report and get rid of all those unnecessary formula fields cluttering up the object manager that you are too scared to delete as you are not sure if they are being used in a report or not.


The Salesforce admins automation toolbelt has been getting more powerful each release and Summer’19 is no different. These updates will give admins even more control of automation using clicks not code!

Automation HomeSummer'19 Automation Home

Although it comes with a beta tag, this new page looks like the new home for declarative automation. From here you have the ability to create new bits of automation, get reports on automation usage and learn more automating Salesforce.

Notification BuilderNotification

Have you ever wanted to create alerts for users that would generate notifications without writing code? Well, now you can! The new notification builder lets you create notifications for desktop and/or mobile and trigger them using process builder.

The new Process Builder action type let you select:

  • Type of notification (Desktop/Mobile)
  • Who should receive the notification from User, Owner, Group or Queue
  • A title for the notification (this can contain merge fields)
  • The body of the notification (this can contain merge fields)

This features tasks notifications a step beyond posting something to chatter or sending an email, keeping the user in Salesforce more.

Updates to  FlowSummer'19 Flow

In Spring’19 the new lightning flow builder was released. Although this was a big step forward (and removed the need of flash), it was missing a few features that users had come to love. As promised by the product management team at Salesforce, these are gradually being re-introduced.

  • Copy & Paste – Copy steps at the click of a button to speed up productivity
  • Undo & Re-do – accidentally delete something? Now you can quickly undo an action
  • Find in flow – Quickly find an item that is in the toolbox on the canvas
  • Rich Text Editor – Make changes to the look and feel of things without writing HTML

Lightning App Builder

Enhanced Lists

Lightning Related Lists

One of the things many have wanted to see an upgrade on in lighting is the related lists. Currently, these lists are restricted to 4 columns of data, so could be a sticking point when migrating from classic. However, Summer’19 brings a new type called Enhanced List. Enhanced Lists can have up to 10 columns of data and let you sort, filter and perform mass actions on the data. On top of this, you can resize the columns and wrap text. This packs a powerful punch that not only aligns it with classic but speeds past it.

New Templates

Lightning App Builder Templates

Since its launch, the templates in the lightning app builder has been growing. Summer’19 is no different and there are now a load more templates mainly focused on console mode.

Clone Default PagesLightning App Builder Clone

You can now clone the default record page, if you have edited the default pages and would like to start afresh, this is a great way of doing so in a flash.


There are many more treasures to find, and I am sure there are things that will come out once the release notes are ready. Just make sure you have you sandboxes in order so you can test in time for the big day.

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