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If you are based in the UK like myself, it barely feels like we have entered spring let alone summer, but in the world of Salesforce the Summer’18 release is coming, sandbox previews are getting ready and anybody with a pre-release org (Like myself) already has Summer’18 to play around with.

In this post, I will look at some of the treasures that I have found, obviously as Salesforce will say until this is GA none of this is confirmed and we will have to see the release notes to be confident on the details of features, but this should wet your appetite a bit.

New Global SearchSummer'18 Search Bar

The first thing you will notice when you log in (after Codey bobbing up an down in a pool) is that the global search bar has had a bit of an update. The search box now has a drop-down menu that you can filter the results by before entering your search query. This can make it a lot quicker and more straightforward to find records.

Go with the Flow

The powerful declarative tool has just got better, as we heard at Dreamforce, there are big plans for the tool, and slowly bits of this are surfacing. One thing you may notice is a new button on the flow editor

this new Debug button will help creating & testing flows a lot simpler, you can also run using Lightning runtime even if you don’t currently have it activated making sure your flow are future proof.

Another update that will make flow/process builder users jump for joy is the ability to select who gets the error email, as you may be aware. Currently, this email goes to the person who last edited the flow/process; this can be quite frustrating. Within the Process Automation Settings, this can now be set.

Anybody that is trying to prepare for GDPR may have looked into the new individual object, one of the current limitations is that you can’t do anything with it in process builder, this has now changed 🙂

Reports at the ready

With Summer’18 it looks like the lightning report builder has been made Generally Available, part of this brings a few new features some of these have been requested for many years and will be closing almost 140,000 points on the idea exchange!

  • Nested report folders, something many have been asking for for a very long time just take a look at this 9-year old idea you can now create folders within folders in lightning making it easier to organise your reports, although these folders will appear in classic, they will not be nested.
  • New ways to export reports, not only can you export reports in the ‘Printable view’ in lightning, but the printable view has had a makeover and is no longer in HTML but Excel format and gone is the purple & grey combo making it a lot nicer to work with (Printable view has not changed in classic).
  • To align with classic, you can now group dates by (E.g. grouping dates by Calendar Month); this was something that was clearly missing in Spring ’18.
  • Now you can not only decide the columns of a report folder and reorder them you can also add report last run as an option, so you no longer have to create a report to see the report in a folder not being used.
  • This update applies to both classic and lightning when building history reports you can now filter by New Value and Old Value, previously you were only able to filter by Events/Field Change and current value.

Setup MenuSummer V Spring 18 Setup Menu

Salesforce must have been having a bit of a spring clean while preparing for summer as the setup menu has had a little tidy.

If you compare Summer’18 to Spring’18 you will notice the menu has less padding, like a lot of other areas of lightning white space, has gradually been reduced. Although this is a small change, it means you can fit more in without scrolling. While at first, you may not notice, it does make a difference if you are in setup a lot. You may also note that Integrations has lost its beta tag.

Other updates to take note of

  • Pave the way for more paths – Like many other standard objects before it, Contacts and work items can now have paths.
  • Edit inline more – If you are creating a lightning page with a list view, you now have the option to enable inline editing on the component.
  • Update page layout lightning fast – Like with the old sidebar you can now edit a records page layout directly from the record page.
  • Tasks get a makeover – In Spring ’18 tasks had their own custom page layout, this has now been changed to give them a standard list view with table and Kanban, Salesforce has also given us the ability to use the split view, and this seems to be set as the default. Not only does this give you more flexibility and the ability to customise, but it also helps align the look and feel of pages.


So, have you had a chance to look into a pre-release org yet? If you don’t have one, you can grab one here which will be followed shortly by the release notes and then being available in Sandboxes. Don’t forget to take a look around and do your own hunt and post on the Trailblazer community or Twitter with the tag #Summer18Treasure

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