With less than one month to go until Spring ’18, if you have not completed the release notes yet, you might want to start considering it. After compiling my lists of things that will affect my org, things that I must do and things I would like to do, I have completed a list of features that I will be going live with soon after release.

GDPR Data protection


If you store data on European citizens & have not been under a rock for the past year, you will be fully aware of the General Data Protection Regulation and the fact that it comes into force on 25th May 2018. The regulation is an update to data protection laws across the EU and looks to strengthen the privacy of the individual with focuses on consent, responsibility and accountability. With this comes a cost if you are non-compliant with severe penalties of up to 4% of worldwide turnover. With Salesforce being a company that deals with EU Citizens data and it’s platform helping other businesses store this data, Spring ’18 brings with it some enhancements to help with this.

Removing all UK and Ireland Contact Data from Data.com Connect

For those not aware, data.com is a tool that is currently being phased out by Salesforce, but it still in use by many companies. This update will make sure you are not storing data on contacts without their consent. Part of the functionality data.com offered was a one in one out method of building up its contact database. There may be many people that are stored in data.com without being aware.

Deleting Event Log Files

Part of GDPR is the right to be forgotten; this is where you ask a company to remove your data, and they must comply. This can get complicated with this data being stored in areas you might not think about, such as in cloned data, backup-up data or event logs. This update looks to resolve the latter issue.

Store Certain Data Privacy Preferences

Go to setup & search Data Protection and Privacy, select 

Custom BrandingLightning Branding

One of the most talked about parts of Spring ’18 is the ability to change the branding. This is something many customers have asked for in the past and delivery has started. To enable just go to Setup, User Interface then Themes and Branding, from here you can set a new pre-made theme or create your own.

From here you can change:

  • The logo (Larger than current lightning app logos)
  • Brand colour (Used for buttons, etc.)
  • Page background colour
  • Page background image
  • Global header background colour
  • Chatter group default banner image
  • Chatter group default avatar
  • Default user profile banner image
  • Default user profile avatar

From this, you can really make your users feel at home, help cement your brand and drive home the customisations you have made to lightning.

Although Spring ’18 brings a lot of improvements in branding, there are some things I would like to see added. Firstly is the ability to change the colour palette, this meaning elements such as font colour and icon colour of the setup & notifications icons in the global header. I have noticed with some colours they don’t look quite right and feel a bit out of place. But this is the only the first release for branding. I would also like to see the ability to select your own animation for the loading screen. Although some people love Astro & the gang, others do not, and it removes a lot of the brand image as this is the first thing you see when you log in.

New URL format

From Spring ’18 you can switch on a new URL format that is more readable and addresses some issues.

For example:

  • Current format: https://{lightning.domain.com}/one/one.app/#/sObject/Account/home
  • New format: https://{lightning.domain.com}/lightning/o/Account/home

From Summer ’18, this change will be compulsory for all orgs; this auto-activation is currently scheduled for 4th May 2018. As this will affect custom or installed Lightning components, lightning & mobile, the earlier this is tested, the better. You don’t want to be sitting there is May scratching your head while loads of things are breaking around you.

Paths for new objectsCampaign path

One of the top marketed features of lightning, after it’s initial release, was Sales path. Sales path gave you the ability to display sales stages with recommended fields to complete visually and an area to add tips for success. This was such a popular feature that in Spring ’17 it was renamed Path and made available to custom objects and some other standard object, this gave you the ability to select a picklist to run from that instead.

In Spring ”18 Path has been moved forward and is now available in Accounts, Campaigns & Cases. This is a big step forward, speaking with somebody at Salesforce they really did not expect paths to be as popular as they are and did not even think of a scenario where paths could be used for accounts (E.g. Onboarding).

But wait there is more! In Spring ’18 Path is available on all picklists on supported standard objects that are path enabled. This gives you the ability to create paths for opportunities using a custom field, not just the stage, making this tool even more flexible.

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