The Salesforce world tour in London is a big event in the UK Salesforce calendar because a trip to Dreamforce is such a considerable expense due to flights and accommodation that only a few lucky businesses can make it each year. The Salesforce world tour is a free to attend event held in May each year.

So what is it all about?

The world tour is a bit like a taster session for Dreamforce; it brings together current and potential Salesforce customers, partners, Admins and Developers all under one roof. The day is all about learning, whether you want to meet with vendors in the customer expo, to talk about how they can help you expand Salesforce. Speak with somebody from Salesforce on a specific topic such as marketing or communities. Or listen to talks on product features or new releases.

What can you expect?

If you have been to any Salesforce event before, you will know to expect the mascots, Astro & the gang are out in force walking around to brighten your day. You even had the chance to win a cuddle Codey if you completed a Trailhead badge and met with an expert. On top of this, there were many sessions on the day to pick from, these include:

Astro GIF

  • Admin Theatre: Sessions by admins for admins, these sessions were aimed at helping admins in their day to day job, giving tips and showing off features they might not be aware of.
  • Developer Theatre: Sessions by developer for developers: Just like the admins the developer get their place to talk, but they look at things from a slightly more technical perspective
  • Adoption Theatre: This was the place to go to hear of ways to increase adoption in your Org
  • Outpost & Campground Theatres: These areas had smaller 20/30 minute talks on various subject
  • Lodges: These product-specific areas where a place to chill, grab a coffee or something to eat and listen to discussions on that area including lightning, communities & service
  • Breakout Areas: These talks mainly driven by Salesforce employees where longer larger talks, head in a silent disco fashion with headphones to hear the speaker.
  • Keynote: Who can forget Simon Mulcahy’s keynote: ‘ Blaze a Trail to better, Smarter Consumer Engagement, you can find a copy of this online

So what did I get up to?

This was my fourth world tour, but my first since Dreamforce and as such did feel a lot smaller than usual. I had two main goals for the day, get individuals from my business to listen to specific talks on products & meet with particular vendors I felt they would have an interest in, and to learn more about communities. I am pleased to say I managed to achieve both of these with the bonus of a cuddly Codey to take home.

With 100’s of sessions on offer you are spoilt for choice and have to plan your time accordingly. The first thing I had on my list to do was to get my trailhead badge and cuddly Codey, as there was no queue at 8 am, and I knew there would be later (I was right). I was then lucky to kick my sessions off with breakfast; I was invited to a financial services networking breakfast where you could grab a coffee, something to eat and chat with peers within the same industry. This was a big change from previous years, as I usually would have back to back sessions, this gave me a chance to relax and step into the day with ease. I then jumped right in and started my wall to wall of sessions on a variety of topics.

My favourite sessions

I must not be the only one who wanted to attend these sessions, as each was so packaged, some did not even have standing room left and spilt over into other areas.

  • Being a Pardot fan, I went to listen to Maureen Maggioni talk about how Salesforce uses Pardot; there was a lot of talk on engagement studio, a tool I love and is only going to get better.
  • Having not earned the advanced admin certification, and knowing that Stefanie Bialas had recently obtained it, I was interested to hear what she had to say. I really enjoyed the Kahoot element; it made audience participation so much easier.
  • As somebody who is getting ready to move to lightning, and loves a bit of ‘Safe Habor’ I had to listen to the future of the lightning platform. I was able to get a sneak peek at what is coming in Winter’19 and beyond, there did look to be some great things and loved the new compact view.
  • Being a London Admin User Group regular, I have had the chance to listen to Louise Lockie talk a few times and was interested in hearing her talk in the new adoption theatre on five keys to leading a successful digital transformation, I will be looking to implement some of these tips.
  • Continuing on tips from MVP’s I enjoyed Kerry Townsend’s 5 tips for adoption success, you always feel confident when you know the speaker is speaking for hands-on experience.
  • Finally, as in my mission statement to look into communities more, I really enjoyed the session on how to create rich communities using community cloud digital experience platform. This session showed current features, how to use the platform giving live demos and experience from multiple companies (One, in particular, I was interested in) along with some road mapping.

It is a long day (5 am start for me) but I feel I got a lot out of it again. It has only gone on to wet my appetite for Dreamforce in September! What did you get up to this year? Anything you would share?


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