You may have heard it talked about or you could be looking for a non-code solution for some automation you need to do inside Salesforce. But what is Process Builder, how can you use it and what can you do with it?

So what is Process Builder?

Process Builder EmptyProcess Builder is an automation tool that has been generally available in Salesforce org’s since Spring ‘15 (February 2015). It gives admins the ability to automate business processes using a visual layout and without writing any code, using only the power of point-and-click. So why use it? Unlike workflow rules, Process Builder gives you the ability to create multiple rules in one process, create records, update related records, post to chatter or run a flow for more complicated processes.

So why use Process Builder?

Unlike workflow rules, Process Builder gives you the ability to create multiple criteria in one process, all with various immediate and time-based actions. These can be on creating records, updating the current record, updating any related records, posting to chatter, sending an email, running quick actions, submitting the record for approval or running a flow for more complicated processes. As you can see, there is a lot you can do making it the swiss army knife on the admin’s toolbelt.

Think of it as the younger brother of workflow rules; it has learned the ropes of automation growing from limited to batched transactions (Increase the number of records it can process in one go) and doing things workflow rules have never been able to do. All of this achieved within an interface that is cleaner, easier to use and more flexible. Process Builder one day will supersede workflow rules, so it is worth looking at anything that could be moved over or improved before Salesforce makes an announcement.

So why not try giving it a go now? Find out more about Getting Started with Process Builder

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