So you have heard all the hype about process builder? But how do you get started? Kick things off by heading to the setup menu search for Process Builder or for you node lovers go to App Setup –> Create –> Workflow & Approvals –> Process Builder in classic or Platform tools –> Process automation –> Process builder in lighting.

Creating your first process

Process Builder New Screen To get started click New; Enter a name (I always recommend a naming convention) the API Name will be auto completed, but I always recommend adding _PB after it as Processes are part of flow so when using change sets you can tell the difference between process builder and flow records. Add a description (Always best practice) and select how the process will be triggered. If ‘A record changes’ runs every time a record is saved to see if your criteria have been met, ‘It’s invoked by another process’ gives you the ability to create a parent process and only run if the criteria are met.

Setting the criteria

Process Builder Empty First, you have to select a triggering object, e.g. Opportunity, then select if it runs only if a record is created or if it is created or edited. Then select your criteria, Process Builder gives you the ability to run a process every time, write a formula or set conditions of fields of the current record or related records. When using the conditions you can select logic (True/False), create a formula or reference another field, e.g. Opportunity Owner = Account Owner.

Process Builder CriteriaNow you can now select the actions you want to perform, for have the option of immediate actions or schedule an action.

Finally, you can decide if you want to continue evaluating processes or stop, this can only be done when choosing an immediate, but it gives you the flexibility to assess multiple things within a single process.

So why not give it a go yourself? Don’t forget you should always test a new process in a sandbox before moving to production.

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